15 MIN

Brouwerij 't IJ

Brouwerij ‘t IJ has been brewing quality beers since 1985. It all started when musician Kasper Peterson fell in love with the Belgian style beers and decided it was time to introduce these kind of beers to the Netherlands. The award-winning artisan brewery has a large open-air seating area and offers fun guided tours and tasting sessions. 

The Manor Amsterdam - Restaurant R
20 MIN

Restaurant R

At Restaurant R, indulge in creatively delicious meals that embrace the principles of circular gastronomy. Here, dining isn't just about taste—it's about making a positive impact on our planet. Nestled within the iconic The Manor Hotel Amsterdam in the city's vibrant East, this one-of-a-kind pop-up restaurant invites you to savour a blend of traditional and modern French dishes.


Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar

Who doesn't know Tony's Chocolonely? In 2020, the sustainable (and of course seriously delicious) chocolate brand opened its very own chocolate bar in the heart of Amsterdam. A true chocolate mecca with flowing chocotaps, sweet chocolate burgers, but also savoury bites. Besides all the chocolate deliciousness, the bar also raises awareness of the issues going on in the chocolate industry.

Tips from the Lancaster team

Mo about his favourite spots in Amsterdam

20 MIN


At Wine bar & Restaurant Clos is a new winebar you can enjoy exactly that what makes wine so beautiful. The wines are all from small winegrowers and family farms and the attention to craftsmanship and nature is clearly evident. Compliment your wine with fine fingerfood or feast on what they say is the best charcuterie board in town.


Jewish Cultural Quarter

Discover 400 years of Jewish history and take a special walk through the old Jewish neighbourhood of Amsterdam. In the Jewish Cultural Quarter, you will find impressive Jewish monumental buildings such as the Jewish Historical Museum with the Children's Museum, the imposing Portuguese Synagogue, National Holocaust Museum and the impressive Hollandsche Schouwburg. Learn about the culture, traditions and history of Judaism. 

10 MIN

The Tropen museum

With recreated villages and a huge collection of exotic objects, the Tropenmuseum is a must-visit for every culture lover. Especially for the little ones, there is a section where kids can go on explorations, play exotic instruments and learn while playing. Its location just outside the centre ensures that you do not find yourself in the middle of the busy stream of tourists.

10 MIN

H'ART Museum

The Hermitage Amsterdam is an impressive museum on a remarkable location. Not only the art collection is a must-see, but also the building itself is a sight for sore eyes. The museum shows a part of the collection of one of the world’s most prominent museums: The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.


Portuguese Synagogue

The Portuguese Synagogue is located in the middle of the Jewish Cultural Quarter. This impressive 17th century building was for many years the largest synagogue in the world. The design of the synagogue, which survived the war intact and is still in use, refers to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. During the holidays, the synagogue is illuminated with 1,000 candles.

12 MIN

Museum Het Rembrandthuis

Between 1639 and 1658, Rembrandt lived and worked in the Rembrandt House, which is located in a monumental building in the heart of Amsterdam. With an inventory list from that century, the house has been carefully rearranged with furniture, art and other objects from that time. Stroll through his atelier, kitchen and living room and imagine for a moment that you are in the seventeenth century in the only remaining home of the famous painter.


Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is a soothing green oasis in the heart of the city. It is one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens, with as many as 4.000 plants in its greenhouses from all corners of the world. Special fact: the garden was founded in 1638 as a place where pharmacists and doctors were trained and was named 'Hortus Medicus'.

30 MIN

A’DAM Toren

With 22 floors the A’DAM Tower literally is an eye-catcher. Here you can find several bars, restaurants and a lookout that offers an impressive view over the city. One of the highlights in the tower is the Lookout Swing, where you can swing above the skyline of Amsterdam.  

10 MIN

Skinny Bridge

The narrow wooden drawbridge is perhaps the most photographed highlight of Amsterdam. The bridge was built around 1670 across the Amstel and was then even "skinnier" than it is now. Before it was replaced in 1871, it was meant for pedestrians only and people could barely pass each other. Especially in the evening, when it is beautifully lit, it is worth a visit!



At ARTIS, the oldest zoo in the country, nature, culture and heritage come together. During your visit, you will soon discover that every tree, animal, building and microbe tells its own story. Be surprised by the numerous animal species, stroll through the historical and plant-rich city park with its centuries-old trees and, in between, settle down at the cosy Plantage.  

20 MIN


In the heart of Amsterdam's Jordaan district, the Westerstraat is a lovely street to wander around in. Here you will find many nice hotspots and especially food- and drink wise you are in to have a great time. A masterful combination of "golden oldies" locally loved favourites and new addresses that have recently popped up here.



Het Wertheimpark was ooit een geschenk van Napoleon aan Amsterdam en is het oudste park van de stad. In het bescheiden park in de Plantagebuurt zijn sportvelden en ruime ligweides waar het vooral in de zomer heerlijk toeven is. Sinds 1993 is het Auschwitzmonument, ontworpen door Jan Wolkers, een belangrijk onderdeel van het park.

12 MIN


The Vondelpark is not only the largest city park in the Netherlands, but also perhaps the most versatile. It is located in the heart of the city and has, in addition to many nice restaurants; more than enough perfect picnic spots and sights. Walk past the statue of Joost van den Vondel, the artwork 'Figure Découpée' by Pablo Picasso or the old music chapel from 1873. 

20 MIN


On the east side of Amsterdam, where the IJ and the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal cross, traders and explorers once left by boat for the East Indies and America. Today, the area with its remarkable buildings and houses is a real attraction for architecture lovers. Be sure to stop at Kanis and Meiland 3.0 for a coffee and visit Loods 6.

15 MIN


The busy and iconic Concerto record shop, which started out on this very spot in 1955, has grown into a major hotspot for music-loving locals. You'll find a wide range of new and second-hand CDs, LPs and DVDs in every conceivable genre. From unique gems to popular wannahaves, music lovers will find everything they are looking for at Concerto.

19 MIN

Club Panama

Club Panama is situated in an old warehouse on the waterfront. You can go there for concerts and for good parties with house and techno sounds of both national and international talent. It is a large venue with high ceilings and large windows, thanks to the warehouse history of the location.

20 MIN

Bourbon Street

Blues lovers are in the right place at Bourbon Street. The blues bar is located near the Leidseplein, on the Leidsekruisstraat. Here you can lose yourself in the cool live music of blues bands, good beers and warm simplicity seven days a week. Bourbon Street's setting is intimate, its ambiance super-friendly and highly accessible.


Pride Amsterdam

During Pride Amsterdam, the city is covered in rainbow colours and Amsterdam is all about celebrating freedom, individuality and love. One of the highlights of Pride Week is of course the Canal Parade, but also the Pride Walk, lectures, concerts, expositions and the many festivities are worth visiting.


Amsterdam Light Festival

In December and January, the streets and canals of Amsterdam's city centre are enchantingly lit by the Amsterdam Light Festival. Walk or sail through wintery Amsterdam and admire the most beautiful works of light art by artists from all over the world. Like to learn more about the works of art, artists and stories during the festival? Then choose one of the (walking) tours or special canal cruises.


Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

Every year in October, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) takes place in our capital. That means five days of biggest international artists, best parties and hottest festivals all over the city. So it's no surprise that this renowned music event attracts visitors from all over the world.