Tips of the team

Mo about his favourite spots in Amsterdam

Mohammed has worked at The Lancaster Hotel Amterdam already since 1990 and knows not only the hotel, but also the area like the back of his hand. He tells you all about his favourite places in the city!


Museum lover? Then Mo insists on visiting the Hermitage: 'Although I have only been to the Hermitage a few times, it really is my favourite. The sculptures on display here are particularly impressive. When my wife has a day off she likes to go there with the children as well. Because of the exciting scavenger hunts that are being organized, it's a great outing for the whole family.’


When the weather allows it, Mo can often be found in the Oosterpark. ‘When I first moved to Amsterdam, I used to play football in this park. Now I play indoors, but I never turn down a game of football with friends in summer. I also like to come here with my family in the weekend, walk through the park and finish the day with a barbecue with family and friends. The park is also perfect for running. A big lap aroung the park is a bit longer than a kilometre, but as there is always something happening in the park, you can easily do several laps without getting bored.’

Louie Louie

The place in Amsterdam-Oost to enjoy a drink or some food, according to Mo, is Louie Louie: 'Previously this bar was called (coincidence? ;) Eden and I was already a fan, but in 2016 the grand café was transformed into a beautiful modern bar named Louie Louie. You can drink tasty cocktails there, but the food is delicious too! A cosy place to catch up with friends or have lunch or dinner with the family after a visit to the Tropenmuseum.'

City Ambassador - The Lancaster hotel Amsterdam 02.jpeg


If you ask Mo about the best day on the town with kids in Amsterdam, he doesn't have to think twice: 'Artis! I have had an annual subscription to the park for ages, and even though it was closed for a while due to the crisis, I kept my subscription. No regrets at all! Every Thursday and Friday when I am off I have a "daddy's day". Regularly I like to take my kids on those for a walk through the park and when a new animal is born, we are the first to see ones in. Because Artis is across the street from the hotel, I even sometimes go for a walk during the break or after work.’


In addition to his annual subscription to ARTIS, Mo also has a museum annual pass that he happily uses. His family's favourite is the NEMO Science Museum on the IJ River. ‘Although NEMO is mainly known to people with kids, it is recommended for everyone. Also for adults! It is a real do-museum, which not only my children love, but I also think it is pretty awesome to see how everything works. You'll be amazed by the demonstrations that are given and the exhibitions. Whether you're interested in science and technology or not, a visit to NEMO is just great fun!’