At ARTIS, the oldest zoo in the country, nature, culture and heritage come together. During your visit, you will soon discover that every tree, animal, building and microbe tells its own story. Be surprised by the numerous animal species, stroll through the historical and plant-rich city park with its centuries-old trees and, in between, settle down at the cosy Plantage.  

20 MIN


In the heart of Amsterdam's Jordaan district, the Westerstraat is a lovely street to wander around in. Here you will find many nice hotspots and especially food- and drink wise you are in to have a great time. A masterful combination of "golden oldies" locally loved favourites and new addresses that have recently popped up here.



Het Wertheimpark was ooit een geschenk van Napoleon aan Amsterdam en is het oudste park van de stad. In het bescheiden park in de Plantagebuurt zijn sportvelden en ruime ligweides waar het vooral in de zomer heerlijk toeven is. Sinds 1993 is het Auschwitzmonument, ontworpen door Jan Wolkers, een belangrijk onderdeel van het park.

12 MIN


The Vondelpark is not only the largest city park in the Netherlands, but also perhaps the most versatile. It is located in the heart of the city and has, in addition to many nice restaurants; more than enough perfect picnic spots and sights. Walk past the statue of Joost van den Vondel, the artwork 'Figure Découpée' by Pablo Picasso or the old music chapel from 1873. 

20 MIN


On the east side of Amsterdam, where the IJ and the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal cross, traders and explorers once left by boat for the East Indies and America. Today, the area with its remarkable buildings and houses is a real attraction for architecture lovers. Be sure to stop at Kanis and Meiland 3.0 for a coffee and visit Loods 6.