Jewish Cultural Quarter

Discover 400 years of Jewish history and take a special walk through the old Jewish neighbourhood of Amsterdam. In the Jewish Cultural Quarter, you will find impressive Jewish monumental buildings such as the Jewish Historical Museum with the Children's Museum, the imposing Portuguese Synagogue, National Holocaust Museum and the impressive Hollandsche Schouwburg. Learn about the culture, traditions and history of Judaism. 

10 MIN

The Tropen museum

With recreated villages and a huge collection of exotic objects, the Tropenmuseum is a must-visit for every culture lover. Especially for the little ones, there is a section where kids can go on explorations, play exotic instruments and learn while playing. Its location just outside the centre ensures that you do not find yourself in the middle of the busy stream of tourists.

10 MIN

Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage Amsterdam is an impressive museum on a remarkable location. Not only the art collection is a must-see, but also the building itself is a sight for sore eyes. The museum shows a part of the collection of one of the world’s most prominent museums: The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.


Portuguese Synagogue

The Portuguese Synagogue is located in the middle of the Jewish Cultural Quarter. This impressive 17th century building was for many years the largest synagogue in the world. The design of the synagogue, which survived the war intact and is still in use, refers to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. During the holidays, the synagogue is illuminated with 1,000 candles.

12 MIN

Museum Het Rembrandthuis

Between 1639 and 1658, Rembrandt lived and worked in the Rembrandt House, which is located in a monumental building in the heart of Amsterdam. With an inventory list from that century, the house has been carefully rearranged with furniture, art and other objects from that time. Stroll through his atelier, kitchen and living room and imagine for a moment that you are in the seventeenth century in the only remaining home of the famous painter.